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Tonight I backed Christmas cookies with my girl! It’s the first time we’ve actually done the whole process together {prep,bake,decorate} we both had so much fun! Who has #motherdaughter activities they enjoy? Shout them out, Milla & i love spending time together, but I’d love to get some more fun ideas! #qualitytime #skincarewithacause #beintentional

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47306461 447089625819062 7667639990305830936 n.jpg? nc ht=scontent lga3 1.cdninstagram

“When your world moves too fast and you lose yourself in the chaos, introduce yourself to each colour of the sunset. Reacquaint yourself with the earth beneath your feet. Thank the air that surrounds you with every breath you take. Find yourself in the appreciation of life”. Christy Ann Martine. ➰ 〰️⚫️〰️ ➰ 📷: What a week of sunsets we’ve just had here in Adelaide. I captured all of them in their various shades of brilliance until they faded away into darkness. This one from Wednesday at #brightonbeachsa #adelaidesunset #southaustralia #nofilter #iphonepic

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47369361 158846415079016 4394006594198203716 n.jpg? nc ht=scontent lga3 1.cdninstagram

On the 12th day of Christmas my true love gave to me, a lot of gifts. ✍🏽 By AgentAnjola #changeAgentz #temnnys #postoftheday #beinspired #payitforward #beintentional #Temnnys #motivation #inspiration #photooftheday

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46537047 304013793573135 1911959998836498165 n.jpg? nc ht=scontent lga3 1.cdninstagram

Dreamcatcher seriously is a DREAM, I have been consistently using it and I have to have it....LOVE. I diffuse at night and wear as a perfume during the day. God made essential oils for our healing. and especially emotional support. Why NOT be intentional and support our bodies💛 if you are on our team and are on essential rewards you will be getting a roller with Dreamcatcher shortly💛 take in all the goodness. . . . #younglivingessentialoils #beintentional #wellness #journey #oillife #seedtoseal #sharing #holistichealth #yleo #givemealltheoils #dream #energyhealing #oilymom #airforcewife #eastcoast #delaware

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45341463 209565293252898 6295922402606112323 n

2018 was one hellofa year. I learned so much taking L after L after L with a smile. Yea, I'm ready for the next chapter....turning the page as quickly as possible. #shotofhoney #lifelessons #mindshift #mindovermatter #beintentional #prettyinpink #pinkmatters #capricorn #youwinsomeyoulosesome #studyself

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45488768 380751029134569 4879587304493973641 n.jpg? nc ht=scontent lga3 1.cdninstagram

It all comes down to what you want now vs. what you want most. As we approach 2019 what are some areas in your life where you plan to exercise more discipline? This next year I’m choosing to be more disciplined in my business, my finances 😔 (I like online shopping 😏), and my schedule for better time management.

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45473883 172532860370760 797335134771936922 n.jpg? nc ht=scontent lga3 1.cdninstagram

This is what I see on my desk for 8 hours. Once this truth becomes apart of my subconscious, there will be no stopping me! I first heard this on a LinkedIn Learning course from an author talking about success. #imgettingthere #persistencepaysoff #procrastinationstemsfromfear #embracefailure #dontfearfailure #dontfearchange #successquote #overcomeadversity #somuchnatureonmydesk #wasntplanned #pinecone #daisy #plant #gardenofthegods #linkedinlearning #chriscroft #personalgrowth #beintentional #beproactive #workdesk #worksmart #timeismoney #reflect #change #grow

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46411700 206921776913007 2981887297056984088 n.jpg? nc ht=scontent lga3 1.cdninstagram

If you feel like you need to do some major changes in your life, reaching out for support can be the first and easiest actual step towards a better life. If you have tried to do changes by yourself and still feel like a bystander in your own life I have to ask, how is that working for you? • • • • • #findingmypassion #inspirationalquote #managerstatus #businessmanager #salesmanager #marketingmanager #attorneylife #attheoffice #medicallife #managerlife #attorneys #officeday #workweek #almostfriday #isitfridayyet #scrublife #betterlife #doctorlife #realestatelife #lawyer #createthelifeyouwant #beintentional #ownyourlife #findingpurpose #quotesofinsta #instaquotesgram #inspirational #livelifeonpurpose #purpose

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Don’t just follow her for the giveaway though!!! I found @carleemcdot because of an article about #carleestreasures and her donating to @girlsontheruninternational! If you click on her profile you’ll see all of the amazing running she does but also lots of volunteering and giving back to the community. http://www.carleemcdot.com/2018/02/carleestreasures.html #momsofinstagram #hashtagsonhashtags #allofthehashtags #12daysofcarleeschristmas #garmin645 #beintentional #runnersofinstagram @garminfitness #girlsontherun #runtheworld #garmin645 #garminforerunner235 #upgrade #paraprofessional #momlife #runwhenyoucan #motherrunner

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47310370 276560533050981 5847981203203947948 n

Get Loved Up YTT Day 12 I had the profound pleasure of guiding this morning’s class, I offered the group intention to #beintentional because I know how much it has blessed me this year when I practice mindfully and live with purpose, passion and power on and off my mat. ✨ I’m amazed by the synergy of This gracious group of radiant beings from various ages and stages of life that has come together at what we know is the right place and time with the right people to share this collective experience. ✨ Being alone, together on our mats is a precious practice - to witness the collective breathing, releasing, inviting, becoming of even more beautiful versions of ourselves was my highlight and joy for sure! ✨ I am, because we are. ✨ We know we are divinely supported and provided for ✨ We are grateful for our lives. ✨ And so it is. ✨ Ashe’ 🧘🏾‍♀️✨🧘🏾‍♀️✨🧘🏾‍♀️✨🧘🏾‍♀️✨🧘🏾‍♀️✨ Deep gratitude and heartfelt thanks to each of you ladies for allowing me to guide you ... @AKILAH_MUHAMMAD @begoodkarma @BIANCAHARRISYOGA @KOYAWEBB @_MARTIAN_MADNESS @YASMINEBEDWARD @koyawebb @cleo_childress • • • #gluytt #getlovedup #gluthailand #yogaflow #beherenow #studentteacher #sanyikaworldwide #acroyogis #gypsysoul #ibelieveicanfly #trustheprocess #kohsamui #yogateachergospelpreacher #yogaflow #belove #Sanyikaworldwide #morningmeditation #holyyogi #pranayama

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46263737 1056278334564811 1696425554019104458 n

What a crazy week. . This week has been rough. I don’t think anyone ever expects the fraction of a chance of brain cancer to happen. Yesterday, those emotions were so high for me. As we had a little lunch with Kellen in the hospital, I saw everyone look at us. Just the three of us carrying around little unicorn sneakers and tiny coat. I wondered what they thought our story was, which made me more anxiety ridden. What DID they think? . Through it all we have become so close as a family. We have very open conversations with the kids, but I hid how much worry had taken over me after her diagnosis. . Today, I gave myself 20 minutes just to sweat out all that worry. These fitness programs are so much more than that. They brought me back to life in a big way. . . . . #momoftwo #cancermom #childhoodcancerawareness #littlewarrior #lacrossemom #scanxiety #beintentional #braincancer #braincancerawareness #tough #giggles #familypictures #familylife #workouttips #unicornshoes #ourstory #fitness #thankful #feelblessed

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Our vitality oils have grown in the past couple of months. We use them for cooking, baking, “adult drinks”, flavored water, flavored tea and my personal favorite....teething. #vitality #essentialoilsvitality #beintentional #safeforbabies #nontoxicliving #yeswecandrinkthem #kitchenessentials @younglivingeo

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46272269 552257368533369 3424165334833301018 n.jpg? nc ht=scontent lga3 1.cdninstagram

As you probably know by now… today is my Birthday🎈 And to celebrate, I am doing a little selfcare GIVEAWAY!!! . Enter now for a chance to win a UNIQUE SELFCARE CARE PACKAGE, curated by yours truly and containing a selection of full-size items ranging from beauty products, textiles, books, stationery home decor, non-perishable foods and other gifts… ✨ . Are you as excited as I am yet 🥳? . Here is how to enter for a chance to WIN your #rekindlemebox: 🎁 1) FOLLOW @rekindleme_selfcare on Instagram + TAG A FRIEND in the comments that you think could benefit from the content offered 💗 . For an additional chance to win, you can also: 🎁 2) SHARE your favorite post from this account in your story + TAG @rekindleme_selfcare on it, and/or . 🎁 3) SHARE a picture of one of your favorite selfcare moments + TAG @rekindleme_selfcare on it, and/or . 🎁 4)Head over and FOLLOW the Rekindle Me Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/rekindlemeharmony/ + TAG A FRIEND in the giveway post’s comments . Simple enough, right? Do all of these ⬆️ and you’ll maximize your chances with 4 entries 😊 . Check back regularly for sneak peeks at the content of this magical selfcare box 🥰 . . . . . The Winner will be notified through direct message on December 25th and later publicly announced on this account. . No purchase necessary, 13+, USA & Canada only. Ends December 24th at 11:59pm EST. One grand prize winner will be randomly selected. Full rules: https://1.shortstack.com/4x7wx4 . Per Instagram rules, this promotion is in no way sponsored, administered, or associated with Instagram, Inc. By entering, entrants confirm that they are 13+ years of age, release Instagram of responsibility, and agree to Instagram’s terms of use.

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45278445 731573457216408 486994395665873495 n.jpg? nc ht=scontent lga3 1.cdninstagram

Throwback to that time one year ago when I was swimming in a pile of Blue Spruce wood chippings we had just harvested and brought straight to the warehouse to distill into Idaho Blue Spruce essential oil 🌱 . What sets Young Living apart from other essential oils? . This. . Knowing where your bottle of essential oil is coming from is HUGE!! It’s not only about the “end result”, it’s about the ENTIRE PROCESS, from start to finish! The climate + the soil + the time of day the plant was harvested + every single “little detail” - these things play a HUGE role in whether your essential oils are “just a nice smell” or if they actually have therapeutic properties that will support your body in so many different ways as God intended! . You can get essential oils from Winners or health food stores that have words like “organic” or “pure” on the label, but there are absolutely zero requirements for who can write words like that on their labels. Legally, only 5-10% of the oil in the bottle has to be “pure” for that word to be allowed on the label - the rest can be whatever the heck they want to add into the bottle to fill the other 95-90% of space! It’s crazy. Many companies out there are real good at marketing + making their product sound good. Don’t just trust the fancy words or the pretty packaging. . Go to a farm and see it for yourself! I can’t wait for many more Young Living farm experiences in 2019! I love that this is something they love their members to be a part of! They have nothing to hide and not only say it, but SHOW it and invite us to EXPERIENCE the integrity and absolute purity of their oils, every single step of the way! Seed to Seal is the serious bomb.com 💣

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47426607 128950794776650 37837737150177516 n.jpg? nc ht=scontent lga3 1.cdninstagram

Did you know there are Black Owned Feminine Hygiene product makers??? ...there are, and with everything going on with the "big brands " right now is the perfect time to check a company like @thehoneypotco out #BuyBlack #SupportBlackOwnedBusiness #CreateLegacy #ChangeTheNarrative #TakeControl #GroupEconomics #RecycleBlackDollars #BeIntentional #TogetherWeCan #AuntFlow #TimeOfTheMonth #MonthlyCycle

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46289961 722925521401612 1340460523673876889 n.jpg? nc ht=scontent lga3 1.cdninstagram

When God has a plan for your life, No man can stop Him! Don’t give up right before you receive your blessing! #GodsInControl #NothingCanStopHim #ImReady #PraiseHimInTheHallway #YourTimeIsComing #LoveTheLifeYouLive #WorkForAPurpose #BeIntentional #DreamBig #OurGodIsBigger

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46043132 279750812726658 999156075893159032 n.jpg? nc ht=scontent lga3 1.cdninstagram

#testimony "We are a society about instant gratification, quick fixes and magic pills. I know I was the worst. Even did crash dieting to drop a quick 20 lbs only to regain it and more a few months later. That is UNTIL I got smart and got to the #root of my weight problem and why I craved #sugar ALL the time, why I never felt like getting up and moving, why I had such a sluggish metabolism. It's all about #guthealth!!! Get THAT in check and the other things fall into place...but it takes time, consistency and a true desire to change old habits. My supplements are not a quick fix but are wonderful resources that help me along the way...keep my immune system at its peak, my body in check, my energy at it's best and my cravings minimal. Ya'll...this was no quick fix. It's been 18 months since I decided to add quality supplementation to my daily regime and I am 59 (and 1/2 😁)now and I can honestly say I feel better today than I did 15 years ago. And btw, I am excited to see where the NEXT year takes me! Stay tuned! #watchmeorjoinme #beintentional #todayisthefirstdayoftherestofyourlife #itsmorethanweightloss #consistency #determinationanddesire #plexusgramma #guthealth" -Marietta C. *Participants in an independent, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, human clinical study who used Slim twice a day and Bio Cleanse and ProBio 5 lost an average of 7.21 pounds in 8 weeks, while the placebo group only lost an average of 0.19 pounds. *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

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47219622 299964360640276 437356378679557579 n

Today was a fun day working on a new custom piece & passing along a new recipe for ‘mug buddy marshmallows’. What Christmas favorites do you like to share? Leave a comment! #diyfamily #cececaldwellspaints #woodworking #christmas #faith #beintentional #shopsmall #homeschool

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47581385 367765180463950 6947518901372037694 n.jpg? nc ht=scontent lga3 1.cdninstagram

We started a Supper Club back in September. A way for us friends to come together and just be present, putting work, stress, and technology aside (except to take pictures) 😉 Knowing the month of December was going to be extra busy for everyone, we chose a simple cookie exchange on a Friday Eve to relax, recharge, and fellowship. So thankful for these sweet friends and what they bring to the table. . . . . . #friendship #supperclub #cookieexchange #christmas #thursdaynight #fridayeve #cookies #homemade #hotcocoabar #fellowship #beintentional #gatherroundthetable

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46433106 2162375110757807 5819202260291297872 n.jpg? nc ht=scontent lga3 1.cdninstagram

“But, then, together, we were warm. Because that is what families do. They shelter each other from the storm, they bring joy where there was sadness, warmth where there was none.” - quoted from Angela’s Christmas, a @netflix film .... I’m a little bit (a lot!) obsessed with this precious movie. 😍 If you haven’t seen it, carve out 30 minutes and watch it! This part makes me cry every time. 😭 I’m so blessed with such a supportive tribe, my “family.” 💛 We may not be bound by blood or DNA, but each of you is my precious, beloved family. You are each the living, breathing picture of this beautiful quote in my life and for that I’m grateful beyond words. 🤗🤗🤗 .... Who is it in your circle that brings this quote to life? 💕

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46202601 318241655695138 5249526198381373222 n

Throw Back Thursday! What is modern Love? it’s the self seeking kind of Love that doesn’t think about consequence, it takes and it takes. It may know what is best but the person they Love isn’t the worth self control to give it to them. The message we get on our screens is we are as good as our sexual prowess, our physical attributes and our bank account. Real Love is not even a distant relative of this kind of Love. * * Real Love is about someone else. It’s sacrifices to pour out, it is generous with time and resources because of Love, not to get the trappings of Love but to express it. If it’s not time to push an agenda the Love you have will tether you until it’s time. It is honoring and doesn’t put on a show for anyone. Real Love is worth the wait my dear, you are worthy…it just takes the right person to see it.

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47062414 1910801548988882 6345816158292466951 n.jpg? nc ht=scontent lga3 1.cdninstagram

. . 💰Extra cash which is going towards our January home improvement project. 🕰 Time. These pieces of furniture were magnets for dust and clutter so I’m pleased I will no longer spend time cleaning or organizing them. 🏡 Space in my small home. These pieces collectively took up a lot of space and three of them were constantly in the way...it drove me nuts! 😀 Joy. The joy I feel when I walk into that room now is priceless. This month, I’ve sold four pieces of furniture using the @gumtreeaus app. I debated getting rid of these pieces for some time because I was worried that we weren’t quite finished with them but I’m sooooo glad I did. What furniture are you holding onto ‘just in case?’ . . . #clutterfree #beintentional #notox #lowtox #ozdebtfreecommunity #organised #lessismore #simplicity #resellercommunity #intentionalliving #homeorganiser #clutter #reusereducerecycle #lovethehomeyouhave #gratitude #thankful #relaxed #oasis

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47164041 224847515114130 8133444227762748193 n.jpg? nc ht=scontent lga3 1.cdninstagram

Day 13 - Bridge 🌉 pose . Thank you @tenchj for an amazing class! You always remind me to #slowdown and be #beintentional in my practice and in my life! ♥️ . #backbends have always been struggle for me and I’m starting back at zero but I’ll get there! . #doyouselfcare #instayoga @jayayogastudio @doyouyoga @sidney_yoga_smiles #setubandhasarvangasana #yogachallenge #fitness #supportedbridge #onebreatheatatime #practiceandalliscoming

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46790615 743720416002476 640463152357572608 n

Yessss 1000% Live YOUR life intentionally for YOU! Never follow the crowd and stay in your own lane at all time.💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

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47585998 224750495091706 1082518492910237720 n.jpg? nc ht=scontent lga3 1.cdninstagram

Happy Thursday! We’ve almost made it to the end of the week! Amidst the hubbub that this time of year brings (both chaotic and wonderful), it is especially important to take time for yourself and be still. I love to soak in the tub for a few moments when I can. Time slows down just for that little moment, giving me the grace to truly cherish the blessings I have been given.

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46355034 1776385572470146 4792568399316549900 n.jpg? nc ht=scontent lga3 1.cdninstagram

Quick dinner I whipped up. Zucchini noodles, broccoli, spinanch, jalapeno, and garlic sauteed in a little EVOO and teriyaki sauce 😋 #yummy #dinner #healthy #healthyfood #veggies #greenveggies #beintentional #dedicated #motivated #inspired #simplyinspired

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47367388 307200289911856 1888376633391413994 n.jpg? nc ht=scontent lga3 1.cdninstagram

t r u t h 🎯 - #livingeverydaystrong

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46884262 2143305002601691 9046701587910680449 n.jpg? nc ht=scontent lga3 1.cdninstagram

Have you got your 2019 Live Well Planner yet? They’ve been winging there way around NZ in time to plan for 2019! . Let me know in the comments if you’ve got yours. And if you haven’t ordered one yet, there’s still time BUT not much! . Get the Planner on its own or sign-up for the 12-month Live Programme too! . Links in my bio. . . . . . #youmatter #livewell #life #planner2019 #2019planner #planningcommunity #goals #beintentional #craftyourlife #holisticliving #yourlife #livewellnow #coach #traceyhancock

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44788550 222089025350654 1439012066003059382 n.jpg? nc ht=scontent lga3 1.cdninstagram

Got this during a Christmas in July gift pile in Afghanistan 7 year ago. Cleaning out the battlebox and almost all the pages are ripped out but I always left the first page note it came with. It wasn’t meant for me but it sure as hell made an impact on me. Listen. Process. Speak. Or maybe it was meant for me, fuck knows. #gwot #afghanistan #canadian #canadianforces #crushedit #traveller #roundtheworld #eggers #speakeasy #listen #beintentional #listenandlearn

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46803909 2177956882422526 1865184912194897464 n.jpg? nc ht=scontent lga3 1.cdninstagram

We are so excited to be a part of Justin & Mary's The Built to Last Summit. This one day power house event will be taking place all day online on January 16th (don’t worry if you can’t tune in on the 16th, it will all be recorded!) with TEN amazing speakers and an ENTIRE day of practical, business building, game changing, get your life back, education for the purpose filled photographer, creative, and small business owner. - Tickets to this FULL day event are normally $199, but when you sign up TODAY you are going to SAVE $100 and grab your spot for just $99! - And remember, even if you can't be there all day LIVE on Jan 16th, sign up NOW anyway to lock in your recording for just $99 & Save $100! - Sign up with the link in our bio! Also... not a bad Christmas gift for the creative in your life. 😉

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46665352 1109862589174887 9216418754933033266 n.jpg? nc ht=scontent lga3 1.cdninstagram

Conscious Healthy Mantra, 3 days late: I AM A MAGNET ** I was going to post this as usual on Monday night, like I do. But it was getting late and I've made a commitment this month to be on my phone less, thanks to my "Wind down into Winter" theme for December (with a little assist from @katenorthrup and her #LessPhoneMoreLife challenge). I've decided to commit to a nighttime phone-off boundary that I'd set a few years ago, but trampled all over once I gave birth a second time and was nursing at night and needed help staying awake. I am no longer nursing, so no need for that anymore. ** Anyway, mantra this week is "I am a magnet." I daily reminder that I attract to me who I am and what I do. Meaning, if I am feeling unworthy and uncertain, that is what I will draw to me. If I am feeling disconnected and down, that is what I will draw to me. If I am feeling desperate, that is what I will draw to me. You get the idea. ** I am an open book. When I am struggling, I share it. When I am joyful, I share it. When I am suffering, I share it. I do this so that people will know they're not alone when they are in a similar place. ** I tend to share the suffer/struggle disproportionally more than the joy though. Probably because that's what I've been feeling. I've also been doing a lot of blaming. Blaming myself for my lack of business success. Blaming others, too. Feeling jealous, resentful, frustrated, and like I will never have success. As you might guess, I am probably not helping things with this. I'm just attracting more of it. ** So this week I am reminding myself that I get to choose what I pull into my life. I am a magnet. So are you. What are you pulling into your life?

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46463764 1984501834998809 85803923050415262 n.jpg? nc ht=scontent lga3 1.cdninstagram

My ahi tuna is heart shaped! I love that I've learned to fuel my body vs feeding my emotions. This wasn't something I learned overnight and some days I struggle, but, I have learned my triggers and I have embraced positive ways to deal with stress!! #80dayobsession #beintentional

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46836652 508510342992579 2676803856639886971 n.jpg? nc ht=scontent lga3 1.cdninstagram

Show up! Put in the effort. The masses look on at the few with envy and awe. It's unfortunate they often don't recognize that it is the few who show up daily, commit, practice and simply refuse to rest, that achieve their dreams. While the rest of us binge watch Netflix.....You have the choice to dream, believe and create. But first you gotta show up. #beintentional #successquotes #success #createyourreality #mindset #positivity #showup #effort #commit #everyday #intentionalguide

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45769710 654380518291169 470437257462637431 n

I shower with my husband at least once every day. // His love language is physical touch, with quality time a close second. Mine is acts of service and quality time. We figured these things out a few years ago, and now we use them as tools to help show love to each other. // Nightly ritual. Get stoned together, get naked, dry brush each other, and then shower. We touch, we laugh, we talk. This ritual has become sacred to us. We are closer than ever before. Because we set aside time to be vulnerable, to be seen, to serve each other in the way the other needs. No pride, no ego. // What is your love language? What is your partner’s? Imagine loving someone in exactly the way they need to be loved. Imagine what could bloom from a love like that. 🖤 #leanin #consciousrelationships #lovelanguages @chris.flowstate . @flowstateoflife . #flowstatefitness #lifeoutsidethebox #flowstateoflife #getoutofyourownway #selfawareness #mindfulfitness #livedeliberately #mindfulness #wellness #positivity #minimalism #beintentional #youcreateyourlife #pointyourcompass #beherenow #counterculture #sacredmasculine #sacredfeminine #womanup #manup #thenewmasculine #emotionalintelligence #getoutofyourownway #bedeliberate #positivity #beintentional #hippieshit #womenwholift #womenwholead

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46885906 2106938499545183 1423085211969756561 n

I’ll just leave this here! You get what you pay for. What is your health worth? #organic #shoplocal #beintentional #eatorganic #healthyliving #glutenfree #eatrealfood #feedyourbody #bodyfuel #forhistemple

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47211897 380134849398740 6187517113396829488 n

#truth #beintentional

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46161487 342848429876258 1736845535452731711 n

Absolutely LOVE this!!! We are firm believer's of celebrating our victories and rewarding ourselves for our hard work!! 🔥 This is a non-negotiable in our lives. That’s exactly what Alvaro did! He said, if he lost 50 pounds he would get himself his dream car. Well....he lost 56 lbs with our Nutritional Cleansing and Rebalancing System, got his car, and is still going at it to hit his goal of 100 pounds lost. Congrats!!!!!! ❤️👏🏼👊🏼 He shares 👇🏼 “Before I retired 2 years ago I told my firefighters that if I ever dropped 50 pounds, I would get my dream car, the Corvette. At the time, I couldn't have gotten in and out of that car *sigh* weighing in at 304 pounds. Some thought I was crazy and I'd never do it. Then last May Heather introduced me to the best nutrition company on Earth. Not only did I lose the 50 pounds, I'm down 56 and going strong. I plan on losing 45 more pounds and joining the 100# club. So....with so much energy and my new found flexibility (lmao)....yes I did!...I bought my dream car. I'm buying new clothes too. It's like Christmas every single day the way I feel. I've never been happier. Thanks to this program I can enjoy doing the things I always wanted to do...and live long enough to enjoy my kids and their kids! ” #ifnotnowthenwhen #lifebydesign #pathwithpurpose #legacy #vision #nutritionalcleansing #nodistractions #weightlossjourney #fatloss #glutenfree #soyfree #godgoalsgrind #bestshapeofmylife #bestlifeever #belight #beintentional #makeithappen

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46168571 294287818106603 9158287609984712704 n.jpg? nc ht=scontent lga3 1.cdninstagram

A Thursday afternoon ☀️ Sometimes ordinary days are filled with extraordinary moments like this just waiting to be realized. ✨ And that is totally my nose haha . . . . #mydays #youaremysunshine #love

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#Repost @carrytrainer ・・・ Violence is that fast. Victims are chosen for a reason, it's science. A sub second draw or a wall of bullseye trophies would do zero in this situation. So what then? Actually paying attention is a good start. To pay, requires you expend something, in this case that's a chunk of your mental focus. You're buying time. What's the goal each day? We have many goals and a main one should be arriving home for dinner in one piece. That requires some effort. You can indeed calmly take in information while still enjoying each day. "Awareness is the currency with which you purchase time to act" -Mick S12 April 19-21 Nashville TN Sign up before it's too late. -Jan 11-13 Clermont, FL 3 day rifle, pistol -May 4-5 Park City KY 2 day Pistol -May10-12 Pierre SD 3 Day rifle, pistol -June 1-2 Shelton, WA 2 Day Pistol -June 22-23 Amherst Ohio 2 day Pistol @Mrscarrytrainer @battleanddefend @johnnapolitano @instructor_zee @talon_sei @boresightsolutions @ameriglosights @northamericanrescue @colonel_blades @rubberdummies @the_original_dryfiremag @d_deyresponsegroup @surefire_llc @supervel @vedderholsters @dfndrarmor @the_gunbox @tatargets @vertx_official @polymer80inc @theneomag @laserammo @gunsdaily @impactshootingcenter #beintentional #purpose #S12 #carrytrainer #thinblueline #knowthyself #knowthyshit #accuracy #accountability #concealedcarry #concealedcarrynation #seekpeace #awareness #violence #investinyou

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I AM Invincible - Stack of Tourmaline and Pyrite Gemstone Bracelets Inspired by the realization, we cannot and ‘should not’ ever give up on claiming our power. This is not the power of plowing your way through relationships or projects, or the power of explosive anger. This is the power of a careful and thorough introspection. What are you capable of if you align with your inner vision, the authentic you? Taking your power back because you know there is much more to you, and you are unafraid of taking the risk to see what it is. Made with 4mm assorted color varieties of Tourmaline and faceted Pyrite with Bali Silver eye beads. “In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.” – Albert Camus #iamhealthy #pyrite #gemstack #wristcandy #gemstonejewelry #consciousness #consciousliving #consciousgifts #malabeads #jewelryoftheday #jewelryaddict #jewelrywithmeaning #jewelrywithintention #whatiworetoday #spiritualgrowth #spiritualjourney #awakening #spiritjunkie #yogalife #yogajewelry #yogainspiration #yogaeverydamnday #beintentional #giftidea #highvibes #madeasintended

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Don’t Let Anybody’s Opinion About You Count, Be You+Do You ✌️ #beyou #doyou #beintentional #staytruetoyourhustle

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More holiday picks from our team! This time from Anu, a UX Researcher and Designer for the Intentionalist team. When Anu isn't working with Intentionalist, you can find them at @hoodfamousbakeshop, working on stand-up comedy routines, dogs, coffee and dismantling systems of oppression! . "Something that’s been so interesting to me is how many small businesses and stories I’ve been exposed to just by being a part of the Intentionalist team. Being a UX Researcher and Designer, I find there's validation that there is a need for and a value in a platform like Intentionalist." . EAT . @manusbodega: "This has recently become a favorite lunch spot of mine. Also, Intentionalist is the reason I know about the restaurant and Manu’s story!" . EAT II . San Fernando Roast Chicken: "There was one point that I was in there often enough that the people working knew my order before even bringing me the menu. Everyone I’ve brought there has also become a believer, specifically via the lomo saltado." . DRINK . @ConvoyCoffee: "I’m a bit flighty with my favorite coffee spots, they shift and change all the time. But this is a current favorite. They made me a great oat milk cappuccino and I love that they’re in the same space as @impacthubsea." . EXPERIENCE . @MOXBoardingHouse: "I’ve found Mox to be somewhat of an equalizer in that the introverts and extroverts of your friend group can all get engaged. They’re always busy though so call ahead!! :)" . . Intentionalist is your local guide to diverse small businesses and the people behind them. . . . #BeIntentional #SpendLikeItMatters #intentionalist #socialenterprise #inclusiveeconomy #localbusiness #smallbusiness #buylocal #shopsmall #shoplocal #supportlocal #diversityandinclusion #votewithyourdollar #seattlesmallbusiness #visitseattle #theevergrey #eatseattle #seattleeats #eatlocal

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Warm weather is back and so is my horizontal striped crop top. Side effects of transforming your body and health include extreme confidence and a compulsion to wear things you wanted to wear at 16 but were too scared to buy #notsorry

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Boss babe or Mom Life friends, If you've been wanting an #erincondren #lifeplanner and cant decide whether or not to do it.... DO IT! I've been using one for several years now and when I'm intentional with it, it makes my life so much more organized. For 2019 I custom colored a design and switched to the hourly layout because I feel like it'll suit my current life. . Some things I've learned the last few years: The stickers keep it interesting, use them. Make a coffee date with yourself on Sunday night or Monday morning and set up your whole week. I use the notes on the sidebar for verse journaling. Choose your layout wisely. They offer three to choose from: Horizontal, Vertical and hourly. I have only been a vertical user before switching to the hourly this year. If the layout doesn't work for you, you won't use the planner... ask me how I know.... The fancy, sparkly covers and upgraded metal tones for the spiral binding on the side is really pretty, but not really necessary. If you are trying to save, don't do those options. I promise by May you want even care that you chose rose gold spiral. I have two 20% off coupons for anyone who would like one. They expire 12/31/18. #bossbabe #momlife #2019planner #goalsetting #goalsetter #goaldigger #beintentional #setyourintentions #changeyourlife #liveyourbestlife #chaseyourdreams #mompreneur #workingmom #organizedlife #2019 #interiordesignsouthernpinesnc #planyourlife #setthosegoals #giveittogod #watchhimwork

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Got my @doterra shipment in. Can I tell you how much I love this toothpaste? This blend contains wild orange, clove bud, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus radiate, & rosemary essential oils. All have wonderful antimicrobial & antiseptic properties and help alleviate inflammation with gums and tooth pain. The taste is INCREDIBLE too. 🤗

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I was asked recently, If you could add anything to your daily life what would it be? • Gosh that seemed like a loaded question, but my answer ended up pretty simple. • More Kisses • More Gratitude • Intention • More Dancing (even if it’s just in the living room) • Spontaneous adventures • More Self Confidence • And…. more spa appointments 🤣This girl likes her deep tissue massages🤷🏻‍♀️ • We all have these grand ideas of what we COULD add to our lives on a daily basis but why not work to actually add them to your daily life?? I know what I’ll be doing in 2019. 💕

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Way too real to be on ya wishlist 😝❗️#beintentional

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🙌🏻 My word of the year for 2019 is…. INTENTIONAL. ⠀ ⠀ 🤔 What will yours be?! ⠀ ⠀ 💙 Check out my updated blog post (link in bio) on why I choose a word of the year each year and what my past words were! #wordoftheyear #oneword #beintentional

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It's my 5 month weight-lossaversary! ⤵️25 lbs and happily maintaining 😍 If you want, I can mentor you and show you how to do what I did (the link is in my profile ➡️ food freedom program). I'm getting my next virtual wellness group setup ASAP. But if you're doing something else to reach your physique and health goals, I support you! There are so many ways to be healthy and the more we cheer each other on, the more we squash the billion dollar industry that thrives on black and white, all or nothing thinking and convincing us that we aren't beautiful and strong at all stages of the journey to optimal health. You are strong and beautiful, inside and out, and you deserve to enjoy the process of learning how to take care of yourself in a balanced way. Love you!

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Four Site’s logo is a mandala, the Sanskrit word for “sacred circle.” Mandalas symbolize the need to know our authentic self, and to harmonize this inner reality with the world around us. ☯️ The ancient mandala is the “Sri Yantra,” which translates to “sacred instrument” and represents the expression of our purpose in the world. It represents the way I work with clients to illuminate and align purpose, impact and direction. 🌏 My work helps you move from your current state to future vision, to fulfill your highest purpose and greatest contribution. ⚡️ To learn more about how I can help you enact your purpose in the world, or to schedule and exploratory call, click on the link in my bio.

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Well that was AMAZEBALLS 😉🤣 20 minutes just kicked my ASS!! *And Abs* And legs* And LUNGS!!👏🏼 You know a great workout ALWAYS makes the day better!! You get that endorphin rush and start feeling like a BAD ASS!! Who got their sweat on today?

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Rise & Grind, Its Amazon FBA shipment time, still feeding the beast.

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Happy Birthday to my youngest granddaughter, Logan turns 5💕🎉

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