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Oh y’all thought this was a game GAME 💦🙀 Nah the drip doesn’t stop at all. Y’all gettin’ a heat check from Swaggy 🧨🚨 All these Instagram posts that I’m killin’ .. It’s back to back like I’m Jordan 96’ 97 🍇💭 The watch on deck, the SportsCoat is tough, and my shirt is 4 buttons down, while ya’ MCM only unbuttons 3 🤐💀 Oh speaking of MCM’s, how I’ma be the Universal MCM of Planet Earth if I’m not walking around in MCM’s? Oh yeah those are MCM shoes 👟👑 Lemme stop stylin’ .. I know my confidence scares y’all. It’s okay. Y’all really don’t hate me. I’m just the scapegoat for y’all. Well take the scape off and just recognize me as the GOAT 🤩🐐 That’ll do. #SwagGawd #YouGotAsMuchDripppAsMe? #DoubtIt 💧

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Y’all thought Swaggy was just a name. I really gotta remind y’all why my name became Swaggy in the FIRST PLACE 🤷🏾‍♂️🙏 My hair is so much shorter yet my face is still so much Swaggy 😍 Listen, I can sit here all day and gas myself up man. And guess what? I’ma keep GOING. What else?! UH, I got a Plaid Blazer on which goes perfect w/ my skin tone. I’m givin’ y’all that UNIVERSAL MCM look .. 😅😏 When I said I was getting in my bag all 2018, I didn’t mean a duffle. I meant a BIRKIN 🤩👜 Ladies, ya MCM is in a bag all 2018 as well. Just a grocery one 🤣🎒 We are NOT the same. I’m Swaggy 🔊🤐 #DripGAWD

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OH NAAAAAAH I’m really bout to kill em real quick ‼️ Guys, I know The GUCCI Fit Zebra shirt is overwhelming 😅😩 So if this picture of me and my fiancé rockin’ the same shirt is too amazing for your eyes .. don’t worry. I’ll give you a second. 🕕🕒🕞🕗🕕 OK, times up. Open your eyes & witness GREATNESS 🗣😍 My chain hang low, my glasses make me look fire & my hair so curly, @devacurl should call my phone. Now swipe over to my Fiancé 💞 She’s literally a model. I can’t even muster up what to say. She had the temerity and the unmitigated gall to slay ME on MY own post. Damn .. 👫🍇 Swayleigh Gang. Guys, have your seat belts on. Because we’re not here to post pics and leave. We’re here to destroy Instagram. So .... GET THE STRAPPPP!!!!! 🧸🔊

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Oooooh la-laaaa, this that post-TV glow. That post-workout glow. That post-FUN glow 😚🍇 You see the face she’s serving, the smile I’m rockin’ .. our MELANIN together is astounding 🥰😝 Damn if you think about it, we’re not just dope. We’re like dope dope. Not like fire. But more like fire fire. We’re ya favorite couples’ favorite couple. 👫💭 REMEMBA’ that. Screenshot us & tell ya partner “goals.” Do all of that. MOOD 😝 Selfie gang. Swaggy Gang. Swayleigh Gang. Whole lotta’ gang ish’ 🌹

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Y’all gon’ see me smilin’ a lot more in my pictures man 🤩💭 I got invasalign last week so I’ma be extra EXTRA confident when it’s done 🤣🤐 Swaggy shirts, necklaces and straight teeth is gonna be the new triple threat that I hit em’ with 🙏 I also get my teeth whitened when I take my invasalign off w/ whitewithstyle. My teeth about to be white as hell the next time y’all see me lol 😅 Use my code: “SwaggyC” to get it for $28 on whitewithstyle.com .. 🤷🏾‍♂️ You might as well. Get like me 🤣 #ad #sponsored #swaggy #whitewithstyle 🙏

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The Swaggy Shirt + the Swaggy Smile is already too much for y’all 😩🤩 The chain & the eyebrow cut is just a lil added feature. Sumn light. Nun’ heavy 😅🤷🏾‍♂️ My life is going REAL SMOOTH man, it’s crazy what a few months can do. I got my God saving me, my fiancé lovin’ me, and my old friends regretting that they stopped rocking w/ me 🤣💭 2018 has been GOOD to Swagz 🙏 It only gets WORSE for y’all on Instagram. 🤣🤐 Pull-up and have a seat. Watch my life. Enjoy the show. It’s gonna be a good one. Just hope you’re in the credits that follow. That means you were apart of it. MADNESS 🙇🏾‍♂️ #SwaggyC 💧

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Ohhhhhh, y’all thought this Halloween day was a game?! It’s not a game 🎃😍 We really here to shut it all DOWN! You got Bayleigh as a BEE .. aka Queen B 🐝🔥 I got the HONEY POT in my hand because I got Queen Bee on LOCK... she ain’t going NOWHERE 🤐😌 Her makeup is flawless, the body suit is amazing & this Bee can sting me anytime she wants. 👫🤣 As for me? I decided to be MYSELF for Halloween. Not Michael Myers, not Freddy Krueger, but Swaggy C. October 31st is all about being scary RIGHT? What’s scarier in America than a confident, intelligent black man????? 😳💭 BOOM. NOTHING. You see the vision 👀 I rest my case. Queen B & Swaggy C. Level UP SZN. GANG. Swag. Bayydayy. Yuuuh. 🎬🙏

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The curls are DEVA’d, the shirt is SWAGGY’D, and the muscles show I been inna’ gym ‼️🤐 My chain hidden, my Apple Watch showin’ & my face GLOWIN’ 😍 I’m already wildn’ onna’ Sunday 🤣 but it’s not just any regular Sunday. We 4 years rockin’ .. today’s the day my dad died. The man that raised Christopher to be SWAGGY, raised Christopher to have CHARISMA, and raised Christopher to have CONFIDENCE 👨‍👦👑 My dad WANTED me to take the world by storm & das’ what I’ma do 🙏 Aye dad, I been doing a lot since 2014. Been to the White House during Obama’s reign, Been on TV, Met my future wife .. been making a NAME for myself 😌 If I was still in the hood ... I’d prob see you real soon. But I’m in Hollywood babyyy, so I got a legacy to leave .. and 77+ years to go! GAAAANG! Hope you’re proud. Love you, Chris Williams.

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When your fiancé is a legit model, you gotta adhere to the rules! If she gets down to pose, I’m gettin’ down 📸🤣 Ladies, if ya MCM ain’t taking pics like me, he’s doing something wrong 🤐🤫 Bayydayy is FLAWLESS & I’m ova’ here in flip flops layin’ down like I’m at the crib. Nawww’ I’m on concrete getting the right angles for my bae 😩📽 SWIPE OVA’ and see the finished product ‼️ I’m adding professional photography to my arsenal word to my mother! 💭🤷🏾‍♂️ “TV personality, basketball player, Day Trader, and PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER” get like me ya heard! 🤣🤣🤣 Bayydayy so cute doe 😍 #MOOD

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43140888 307406860077832 3703836996060932490 n

Aye @fessyfitness, I see you doin’ all these radio & magazine interviews talmbout you gon’ embarrass me in basketball .. you forget I REALLY DO THIS?! 🧐💭 You keep sayin’ you been taking people’s money and to check your Instagram. You fail to mention the dudes you playing against are certified BUMS 🦍🤣 couldn’t stay in front of me if you paid them. Let alone YOU. All ya fans think you can actually beat me bc you’re an inch taller and weigh more. You betta’ tell ya lil fans I will BULLY you on a court. Regular strength ain’t BASKETBALL strength 🤣 that’s a secret YOU won’t tell tho. You’re Larry Nance Jr. to me. Larry Nance Jr. can do all them dunks on ya Instagram. Who takin’ him over Lebron tho? Not a soul 🦍🤐 Dunkin’ doesn’t mean you can PLAY. Let’s UP the ANTE if you so confident??? You preaching 5hunnit. I got a STACK on it. I’ma walk in the gym and lay $1000 at halfcourt. Match me. Winner takes all. ☔️💸💰 DON’T GET SCARED NOW! What do you say? Love you tho bro .. it’s gon’ hurt me, whoppin’ ya lil butt on the court. 👀 I’m really about to cross you so crazy .. you not gon’ be able to stay in front of me, I’m telling you lol. I’m nice bro. #RUNFessy #GANG

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Nahhhhhh we can’t be this freakin’ dope in public 🤣🤣😩 Not CHA’ AVERAGE couple .. it’s diff. Bayydayy x Swaggy. Bayleigh x Chris. Babe x Baby. 💍💭 She’s a superstar. I’m an entertainer. She’s a legend. I’m a GOAT. She’s literally a model and I’m really just a guy who pretends to be ☠️📸 I’m 6’4. She’s 5’11. When we have a son, he’s goin’ STRAIGHT to the LEAGUE 🏀😍🤣 Aye GANG, are you not excited?! We’re here. Date night every night 💫 Regula’. Just a couple livin’ life. #Swayleigh 💧

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Oooh, listen .. I was backstage. Pacin’ back and forth for HOURS before proposing 🤣🤐 NOBODY saw it but Steve & some of CBS. Nobody knows the process it took to plan this proposal, nobody knows what happened minutes leading up to the LIVE show, & nobody knows what happened immediately after Finale Night 😩☔️ I got all the Behind the Scenes Footage so click the link in my bio to watch them thangssss 💫💭 Regula’. #SwaggyC 💧

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