Hello everyone I am back ✌︎(°∀° ) it was though I almost had to give up on my dream job but everything was going smoothly in the end 😅
I'll be more active and try to get a theme 😊
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c0rasan c0rasan @donquixote.baby.5 yes I will (ू•ᴗ•ू ) you take care of yourself as well
donquixote.baby.5 donquixote.baby.5 @c0rasan yes sir! *salutes*
c0rasan c0rasan @donquixote.baby.5 *salutes* aaaand let's chill🍦
bartolomeo.the.cannibal bartolomeo.the.cannibal @c0rasan wat with that thought everything was fine with work duh
judithtania94 judithtania94 Glad to know yer back. What kind of dream job if i may ask?
f0rtnite.memees f0rtnite.memees musst net direkt nacktbilder öffentlich posten also höma
f0rtnite.memees f0rtnite.memees du und arbeiten pff hartz 4
trafalgar.d.water.law trafalgar.d.water.law You are clumsy
c0rasan c0rasan @judithtania94 firefighter 😊
c0rasan c0rasan @trafalgar.d.water.law I know (・᷄・᷅ )
judithtania94 judithtania94 @c0rasan oh thats so lovely 😍👏
c0rasan c0rasan @judithtania94 thanks🙌
captain_tashigi captain_tashigi I’m just glad ur back and ok 💕💕
penguin_kun penguin_kun Still a fool.
rocinantie rocinantie So happy for you twiny😃✌🏻♥️
eyomy_alsenndi eyomy_alsenndi I'm not on my self here alot too but glad to hear from you again ^-^
cavendish.san cavendish.san Good to hear that Felix you kept me worrying🌹
ezznidai ezznidai Hes beautiful as heck. Also welcome back! Im glad things turned out well for you