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It’s a winter wonderland in #virginia. Love it!!! . . . #merrychristmas #happyholidays

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Thanks to everyone waiting in line in the snow here in #Williamsburg #VA at the @949thepoint @mix981richmond show we are doing. Looking forward to playing for you.

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Hey all, . My wife took this photo a few days ago and I wanted to share these beautiful fall colors with you in honor of this day for giving thanks. . I hope these beautiful trees lift your spirits and remind your that these is a lot of beauty all around us everyday that is worth giving thanks for, not least of all our family & friends that we can often forget to appreciate in the day to day grind, kind of like these trees. . I wish you all full hear of love & gratitude so that you can share it with your loved ones on this day. . God bless you all & Happy Thanksgiving! . . . #happythanksgivng #thanksgiving

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I saw this book for sale in the Toronto Airport today and it reminded me how valuable and important these tools of communication are. They are the kind of tools that would be well used in a tense #thanksgiving day situation. . As far as I am concerned this is a must read for EVERYONE. It is filled with great examples of communication tools that will help you in all areas of your life as I cannot recommend it highly enough... you will likely find yourself reading it many times in your life (or at least I have... but maybe that’s cause I am a slow study). . Also, I will be reading this book to my sons as a part of their schooling next year, that’s how important I think that book is.

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It is sad day in music. A legend has left us today, but we celebrate the incredible talent, humor and kindness/character of this lovely man. Roy, you are and will be missed. Thank you for all the amazing music and laughs! . . #restinpeaceroyclark #riproyclark

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Excited to be back at the @beacontheatre for our show here in #nyc. It’s gonna be a great show!!!

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Tonight #stringtheory is in #Boston at the @orpheumboston and we can’t wait to see you all!

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I am super proud to have been involved in the first @jthrmusic EP. It was great to use the engineering and production experience I’ve been using in my own band to help make someone else’s music come to life. . It is also really fun to work with someone who has a clear vision of what they want, because refining is the name of the game and making good music is all about starting with the foundation of well written songs and confident vocals... and @jthrmusic has all of that! Excited that the world gets to hear what I’ve been listening to for months. . If you like this, please don’t just stream it, be a patron of the arts and “buy” it... it’s worth it... and that way we can do more of these!!! 😃 . . . #new #killer #music #awesomeness #awesome

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I’m loving this new #christmas album that my buddy @jdmcphersonpix just put out, is fun, hilarious and Musicial fantastic! It will be on heavy rotation at my house this coming Christmas Season! . #greatmusic #music #awesome

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Hey good friend of mine had this quote pinned to the wall and in his kitchen. I loved it and thought I would share it with all of you. . #wednesdaywisdom #spreadthelove #wisdom

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I love this backdrop for tonight’s show with the @housymphony. This is going to be a beautiful show! . #stringtheory #hanson #symphony #orchestra #live

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Love this quote! It’s on the wall backstage at the #schermerhornsymphonycenter. . #greatquote #greatquotes

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